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Llanvair Discoed Best Kept Village Competition 2016

Resident of Llanvair Discoed have been hard at work over the past weeks for this years entry into the Best Kept Village competition 2016.

It is the intention this year to have a more forward-looking approach and for work to continue throughout the year (such as the changing of plants, etc.).

Work done this year to date:

1. Old tractor tyres at the entrances to the village removed and replaced with planters. These have been built from scratch and have been lined and placed on slabs to enhance longevity. There are a total of four new planters.

2. Planters on brook opposite Lower Farm replanted.

3. Brook wall and griddles re built where possible.

4 . Extensive clearing of bus stop. This area was severely over grown with ivy and was highlighted as an area requiring attention in the last BKV. The planters here have also been replanted.

5. Children garden in Court House Road rebuilt with new timber. It is still work in progress awaiting more compost and planting.

6. Garden box at the junction of Court House Road also rebuilt. Again work still in progress here.

7. Replanting/siting of barrels to Well Lane.

8. Rebuild of surround wall at Well Lane junction.

9. Substantial amount of kerb gutters cleared from heavy deposits (too heavy for the council cleaner to lift).

10. Assistance given to some private garden owners in clearing street line of vegetation.

There is still further work required in kerb cleaning, entrance cleaning and general striking.

All of this work and organisation is completed on a solely voluntary basis.